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Welcome To My Store  Payment Methods And Billing Policy

Please read this section and agree to all terms and conditions before placing an order.

For Everything Genealogy

Payment is collected immediately once an order is placed through the website, unless otherwise arranged.  Eftpos transactions where a customer is not in person will be processed within two (2) Business Days of an order being placed. 

Payment methods accepted include Paypal, Stripe, Square, Bank Direct Deposit, Eftpos and Cash.   All valid Visa and Mastercards accepted for payment.

Direct Deposit through Internet Banking

The bank details can be found after completing check out.


Pay with email address     

Credit Cards  

Visa and Mastercard accepted using Paypal, Square or Stripe.


By Prior Arrangement for items picked up or hand delivered only

Cheques and Money Orders

Available upon Prior Arrangement


Available upon Arrangement.  Please refer to Layby Terms page.

I am now able to offer payment plans set up through - these plans must be set up manually.  They can be as flexible as you need to suit your budget, including the number of payments and how often.

If you have questions about the product or problems with my service please contact me by email.  I will do my best to correct any problems you might have. Feel free to contact me