Welcome To My Store News and Updates

SMALL PARCELS TO THE UNITED STATES - Please be advised that slowly listings for some items will be changed.  This includes some key rings, cork coasters, tea-towels, fabric swatches and some other small products.  

The United States Postal system is making changes to items sent from Australia at previous cheaper rates, classing them as "non-viable".  Please be advised that I will keep costs down as much as possible for these orders.

 Some products will need to be sold in sets or multiples to account for the increase in postage.  This will be the case until further notice.  I will always combine postage as much as possible.  Affected orders and customers will be contacted if they order before listings can be correctly updated.   Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Candles - all candle products are unavailable until new stocks can be tested.

Clan Badge Jewellery -  is available in pewter, sterling silver and gold in many different jewellery pieces for men and ladies.  Rings, Pendants, Tie Clips, Tie Bars, Clan Badges and much more.   Not all names are available for all pieces.  Some craftspeople do not make all clans.

Many Clan Badge listings have been updated and new photos added - but there are many more that have still to be edited.  Most of these can also be ordered as Clan Pendants, Bolo Ties, Kilt Pins and Belt Buckles.  If you do not see your Clan, please ask.

Individual listings for specific Clans will be updated as soon as I have photos of those pieces.  Some pieces are antiqued (pewter and silver), some have polished finishes.  

Generic listings are available now, but I am unable to display photos for all of the Clans.  Most of these pieces are made to order, some taking longer than others.  

Please check the making times on each product.  Some of the processes take time and cannot be rushed.  Please allow for these times before being sent to you if for a gift or special occasion.

Clan Postcards - are slowly being discontinued, some Clans are already out of stock. 

Irish Tartans - unlike Scottish or Welsh Tartan fabrics come in district or counties rather than for surnames or Clans.  Fabrics and clothing items for ladies and men available in 2020.  Irish Fabrics are now in my store available for purchase anytime.  Swatches, Clothing and accessories will be available and listed soon.

Restricted Tartans - will be available from 2020 but customers need to supply verifiable information before orders can be processed.  More information to come.

Silk Tartans 

Dupion Silk - is slowly being discontinued from some mills and some fabrics have already run out of stocks.  Listings will have small order numbers, if you require more fabric, please enquire first on stock levels.  

There are other silk fabrics available in my store, but these are not sold in smaller amounts.  There are specific listings showing the amounts that need to be ordered.  These fabrics need to be made, so please allow extra time, especially if products or garments need to be made afterwards.

Tartan Fabric - Single Width v Double Width - some mills are switching from using double width fabrics to single width fabrics.   This affects a range of products like kilts, ladies clothing, children's kilts.  In addition to Irish tartan fabrics and some Tartan Dancing fabrics and some other fabrics. 

Double Width fabrics may still be available until stocks run out from those mills.   All listings will have measurements on the width of fabric so please check when ordering.

Tartan Ribbon - many listings are currently being edited and updated.  There are taffeta or polyester ribbons for a number of clans.  Not all tartans are made into tartan ribbon.

Some ribbons have been discontinued from the manufacturer, but I still have stocks of, please check with me.  

Organza tartan ribbon has been discontinued.  

Tartan Ribbons can also be custom made from real 100% wool fabrics in a large number of clans - please see wool ribbon for details, measurements, pricing and time to make.

Welsh Tartans - Lambswool tartan blankets and products and scarves have been discontinued and are no longer made.  Tartan scarves will still be made in 13oz mediumweight fabrics, please see store for listing details.


Coat of Arms Ceramic Mugs - are now available early in any Coat of Arms, Bookplate Print, Clan Badge or Family Crest that I have in my database.  Testing and sampling has concluded to ensure quality.  Generic listings are now available now that I am happy with the testing.  Individual surnames will be listed as soon as time allows, or you can enquire at any time.   These will be sold like my Clan Mugs in sets of two (2).

IRISH PEWTER PRODUCTS - Many more designs to be added to those already in store.  They will be for products such as pocket watches, pewter coasters, belt pocket watches and compasses.

WEDDING ACCESSORIES - Mens and boys wedding vests, braces, and cummerbunds in both plain colours and tartan fabrics are available.  Individual listings will appear in store as time allows. 

CUSTOM UNISEX T-SHIRTS -  are now available in any Bookplate Print, Coat of Arms, Clan Badge or Family Crest and other heraldic symbol that I have in my database.  Currently test sampling has been completed to ensure quality.  Generic listings will appear as soon as possible.  

Measurements have been provided, please choose sizing carefully.  Individual surnames will be listed as soon as time allows, or you can enquire at any time.  T-shirts will be available for men and ladies, childrens and babies and toddlers.

STUBBY HOLDERS - are now available in any Coat of Arms, Clan Badge or Family Crest that I have in my database.  Test sampling is now complete to ensure quality.  Generic listings will now be available.  Individual surnames will be listed as soon as time allows, or you can enquire at any time.   These will be sold in sets of two (2).


So much is coming in 2020, it is hard to write it all down in one place.  Please come back frequently to check on all of the new goodies available or those that will soon be coming.

Australian Tartans - fabric and custom made items for all events.

Calendars - 2020 will see many more introduced in many different themes

Chocolate and Confectionary - this category will have many new listings in 2019.  Some testing and sampling of products happening right now.  Please come back and visit for the lots of new goodies to help celebrate that special event.

Coat of Arms Gift Items - many items that you will be able to add any Coat of Arms, Clan Badge or Family Crest from that I have in my database - for example (but not limited to) Aprons, Mouse Pads, Wooden Plaques (for names who are not Scottish or Irish)

Irish Tartans - fabric, clothing for men, ladies and children.  Custom made items for all events.

Tartan Clothing - for men, ladies and children.  Custom made items for all events.

Tartan Great Kilts - also known as ancient kilts, these come from a time when there were no pleats in a kilt.  These garments take a little less time to make than the casual or formal kilts in store.  They should be available in 2020, pricing and details to come.

Tartan Home Decor - cushions, home decor in your Clan colours and so much more.

Tartan Speciality Items - tartan table runners, napkins and tablecloths for that special event or celebration in your Clan colours.  Tartan Mouse Pads (to match the Tartan Plaques currently in my store)

Welsh Tartans -  clothing for men, ladies and children.  Custom made items for all events.