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Welcome To My Store  Layby Terms

 Available upon Arrangement.  

I am now able to offer payment plans set up through - these plans must be set up manually.  They can be as flexible as you need to suit your budget, including the number of payments and how often.

Please be advised that with custom made items - that the making of any customised items will not be commenced until 50% of the payment plan has been completed.  No Custom Products will be forwarded to you until FULL payment has been received.

If you do not wish to use that system - then I am still able to set up a manual layby plan through me. 

When you purchase any items from my store For Everything Genealogy using my Layby Plan, you agree to all the conditions in this policy. It is a legal and binding contract so please read all of the conditions before accepting this contract. Conditions of contract:

Please contact me through contact button, email, that you wish to purchase the item/s using layby.

Please note that for customised orders for engraved and customised items - work will not commence on the item being made until 50% or half of the layby amount has been received.

This is because once the engraving or customisation process begins, it cannot be halted and the product must be completed.

  A payment plan will be set up for you according to your budget. 

Please note - that if you have any problems during any part of the plan, please let me know and we can discuss the matter. 

You can make weekly payments, fortnightly payments or monthly payments. 

I  require a deposit of the total including shipping to your mailing address. 

Once you have made this deposit, you have accepted this policy and terms and the layby plan will be set in place. 

Each time you make a payment and I receive that payment, I will update your balance due and send you notification by e-mail. 

If for any reason your e-mail account is down or you change e-mail addresses, I request a mailing address to be able to contact you. 

Upon the completion of the final payment and when no balance is due, your item/s will be posted to you. 

If you default in payments and I do not receive 2 consecutive payments when due, then we will need to discuss whether or not you still require the item/s. 

This constitutes my entire terms and policy for a Layby Plan. 

I will need the folowing information from you:


 E-Mail Address:

Mailing Address:

Order Number or Description:

Mobile Telephone Number 

  Method of Payment: 

Please see

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