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Welcome To My Store  Frequently Asked Questions


The terms 'Tartan" and 'Plaid" are used frequently in my store.  'Plaid" is used by some customers, 'Tartan" by others.

Plaid - is a piece of cloth, usually wool and is usually worn over the shoulder.  The word plaid is derived from the Gaelic word 'plaide" which was used to describe blankets and similar garments.

Tartan - is the pattern on a piece of fabric that a garment is made from.

The terms 'Clan Badge', 'Family Crest', 'Coat of Arms', 'Clan Crest" are used extensively throughout my store pages and descriptions.  To some customers their use and meaning can be very confusing, please see this page for more information.  

Spelling Variations are available for some Coat of Arms and Clan Badge products, but not all.  Some products come in a select number of Clans, others are not available.

Some Clan and Irish items can have the spelling changed from 'Mc" or 'Mac" - with others it is not possible to change the spelling.  If changes are possible, a short text box asking for 'spelling variation" will be present.  Please ask before you order, I will accommodate any variations where I can.

Clan Postcards - are slowly being discontinued, some Clans are already out of stock.  

Irish Tartans - unlike Scottish or Welsh Tartan fabrics come in district or counties rather than for surnames or Clans.

Restricted Tartans - will be available from 2019 but customers need to supply verifiable information before orders can be processed.  More information to come.

Silk Tartans 

Dupion Silk - is slowly being discontinued from some mills and some fabrics have already run out of stocks.  Listings will have small order numbers, if you require more fabric, please enquire first on stock levels.  

There are other silk fabrics available in my store, but these are not sold in smaller amounts.  There are specific listings showing the amounts that need to be ordered.  These fabrics need to be made, so please allow extra time, especially if products or garments need to be made afterwards.

Tartan Fabric - Single Width v Double Width - some mills are switching from using double width fabrics to single width fabrics.   This affects a range of products like kilts, ladies clothing, children's kilts.  In addition to Irish tartan fabrics and some Tartan Dancing fabrics and some other fabrics. 

Double Width fabrics may still be available until stocks run out from those mills.   All listings will have measurements on the width of fabric so please check when ordering.

Welsh Tartans - Lambswool tartan blankets and products and scarves have been discontinued and are no longer made.  Tartan scarves will still be made in 13oz mediumweight fabrics, please see store for listing details.


This will be stated listing to listing, how many characters of text are allowed for that product, which script or font of choice and what the additional costs that are associated.  Some pieces can have more text than others due to the surface area being larger.

With some pieces, it may be possible to add an engraved Coat of Arms or Clan Badge, but this will be stated on those specific products where this can happen.

There are many product lines in my store that are able to have engraving upon them as an optional extra.  There will be drop-down boxes or text boxes to select or fill-in with details.

Please allow a little extra time for this service to be completed before your item can be sent.

If you are uncertain or have any questions, please email me at any time.


Are provided as much as possible for all product lines.  I try and include as many of them as I can, and I give them in both metric and imperial measurements.  Please ask for clarification at any time.

Jewellery is usually given in millimeters and centimeters.   I also include size comparison charts for both men and women where I can for different sizing in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.  

Jigsaw Puzzles - custom made puzzles usually have the number of pieces included, and a measurement of the total finished image.  

Tartan Fabric - please be advised that Tartan Fabric of any kind from my stores is sold in metres, but I have given the equivalent comparison in yards for customers.

Clothing - products such as T-shirts have charts of the chest measurements for customers to make a choice.   Please choose carefully and make an informed decision before purchase.  If you need assistance, please contact me at any time.

Other more specialised or custom made clothing will have other measurement charts and specific measurements as part of the selection process.  In these cases, those measurements will be required before your garment can begin being made.  

This applies to men's kilts, ladies kilts or kilted skirts, children's kilts and accessories and other custom made apparel.