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General Information

What is in a Surname History ?

A family name history is a narrative of a name over time, not the genealogy of a specific member of a familiy.  The products provided compliment the type of information found through a genealogical research.  The Crests and Coat of Arms provided are normally the earliest known version of the arms. 

What is the difference between Family Crests and a Coat of Arms ?

There is a technical difference between a Family Crest and a Coat of Arms, but people have often used both terms.  A Coat of Arms generally refers to the shield, crest, helmet, mantling and supporters (if any), while the Crest technically only refers to the small image that lies on the helm (on top of the helmet).  A Coat of Arms that bears a name was originally bestowed on an individual.

Are there Family Crests ?

Strictly speaking there is no Familiy Crest nor Family Coat of Arms but these terms have come into common usage and are therefore used.  The more correct terms are Coat of Arms and Armorial Bearing.

Why have I seen a different Coat of Arms for my Surname ?

There are often several different Coat of Arms for any given Surname.  Coat of Arms were originally granted to individuals, who then passed them down through direct descendants.  The Coat of Arms provided are the earliest on record associated with a Surname or one of its spelling variations according to heraldic standards.

Is this MY Coat of Arms ?  Can I legeally bear these Arms ?

The rules of heraldry vary by country.  Under most heraldic authorities, if you can show direct descent or linkage to one of the bearers of a Coat of Arms then you can inherit these arms.

What nationalities are included in the database of Surnames ?

The name database has names originating from many geographical areas and ethnic groups, including America, Europe, Russia, China, Australia and New Zealand.  Research on names is on-going and the database is continually being updated by surname history researchers.

How authentic are the Surname histories ?

The Surname database has been created and researced over  thirty (30) years.  This research has resulted in over 1 million Surnames and authenticity and accuracy are always strived for.

Who can have a Coat of Arms ?

Anyone has the right to bear a Coat of Arms.  Arms can be held by individuals, countries, municipalities and corporations.

Can you help in the search for my Family Tree ?


The Surname histories and Coats of Arms give a broad historical review of your last name which includes key name related events and dates.   

Yes I can.  I am a Professional Genealogist for over 20 years in some 15 countries worldwide.