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Welcome To My Store Christmas Gift Purchases


Plaques - a new range of Pewter and Bronze Coat of Arm Plaques. 

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For custom products such as Coat of Arm Jewellery and Family Shields or Tartan clothing items all require time to be made before they can be sent to you.  Please don't leave ordering until the last minute.  Some products are also very popular and there could be other customers orders being made before yours.   The time varies depending on the item, so please check with me if you need to ask a question - my door is always open for assistance.

So Many More Items To Come

For Clan and Celtic jewellery items and Coat Of Arm jewellery items for both ladies and men.    There are a few items that are only available in Sterling Silver such as Mens Tie Tacks and Lapel Stick Pins.  Ladies Irish Coat of Arm and Clan Badge Brooches, Belt Buckles, Mens Bracelets, Tie Tacks, Money Clips, Stainless Steel Key Rings and so many more are yet to come.  Mens and Boys Sporrans and Celtic Embossed Kilt Belts.

Different Styles and Sizes Available

Quite a few styles and different sizes of kilt pins, pendants and lines are not yet listed.    Most items are also available in solid gold and some are also available in other precious metals like palladium and platinum.   

Pricing Changes

Many items that are currently listed on my website will have their pricing updated.   There has been no increase for a long time and unfortunately needs to happen due to the increasing costs of precious metals.

Do you have my Surname?

Please check if you Clan name, Surname or Coat of Arms is available.  I am going to run out of time to get them all listed, but they are possibly available.  Please ask - it is never too much trouble to answer an enquiry.

What if I don't have a Scottish or Irish name?

For customers who have surnames that originate from other nationalities other than Ireland and Scotland, some new jewellery pieces are available in a variety of styles made from precious metals bearing your family Coat Of Arms.  Rings, Cufflinks and Pendants.   Please ask if you don't see your surname!  These are available in Sterling Silver, gold-filled and solid gold.

New Shields and Plaques

There is a new range of Hand-Painted Coat Of Arm and Clan Wooden Plaques with a number of sizes to choose from and different wood stains.  There will also be shields available for customers who have surnames that originate from other nationalities other than Ireland and Scotland.  Please contact me with your surname or Coat of Arms if you don't see it as new listings will take time to create.

New Coat Of Arm Prints and Posters

For Coat Of Arm posters and prints, many individual surnames are not yet listed.  Please check if your Surname or Coat of Arms is available.

T-shirts, Ceramic Mugs, Tote-Bags

These are available, but there are not many individual surnames listed yet.  Please check if your Surname, Clan or Coat of Arms is available.

To Be Discontinued?

Arcyllic Scottish Key Rings are now shaped differently than the photos in my listings, but I may not get all listings edited before the Christmas period.  These items may become discontinued.

What is still to come?

Gemstone, wedding jewellery, special occasion jewellery, there is so much more to show and offer you.

The range of products in every category is growing everyday and there are so many more to come, so please come back and visit to see what the new ranges available.

International Postage

SMALL PARCELS TO THE UNITED STATES AND OTHER COUNTRIES - I am still not able to send smaller items or sets for a reasonable costs.   Some items are now sold in larger groups or sets.  It may take time to create all the necessary listings.

Please be advised that slowly listings for many items are being changed.  This includes some key rings, cork coasters, tea-towels, tartan fabric swatches and many other products.  

Some products will need to be sold in sets or multiples to account for the increase in postage.  This will be the case until further notice.  I will always combine postage as much as possible.  Affected orders and customers will be contacted if they order before listings can be correctly updated.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.